Sport is important for young people

February 2021

In this blog we’d like to lay down some long-term benefits of maintaining a sporty lifestyle for yourself and for the youth you influence.

tennis racquet and tennis ball lying on court surface

When you’re young and being raised within an active community like our Coffs Coast, you tend to get the idea that participation in sports and local athletics is a big deal. In this blog we’d like to lay down some long-term benefits of maintaining a sporty lifestyle for yourself and for the youth you influence.

  1. You set yourself up for long-term success

Building a solid foundation of habits through sport, be it the fitness routines, stretching, nutrition you manage – all helps maintain your health and serve as the safety net beneath you that allows you to be bold, take risks and perform at the top of your game, in whatever avenues your life takes you.

  1. You gain incredible soft skills

Whilst we all go to school to learn maths, science, culture and more, it’s the soft skills like optimising your performance, working autonomously, communicating or collaborating as part of a team and more that can take you as far if not further than the book smarts you get at school. So, ensuring a regular sporting commitment is not only fun, challenging, healthy and rewarding, but an investment in practicing the soft skills you’ll need to excel in life and the workplace.

  1. You avoid ailments

Many an ailment can be prevented entirely through a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. As anyone pursuing their career knows, when you get sick, injured or foggy-minded, your work and all the people and aspects of your life that depend on it, suffer! So, building these habits young means they’re instilled and instinctive later in life when the busy-ness creeps in you have to juggle all-manners of adult responsibilities.

There are so many more genuine reasons why sporting during youth leads to long-tailed benefits in your life, but we hope this has inspired you to value or continue valuing sport as a staple in your life and the lives of the youth you influence. It’s not too uncommon, however, that sport can become a professional calling for people once they get hooked and if that’s the case then Hoys has your back!

Hoys Young Athlete Sponsorship Program 2021.

This is an exciting opportunity for young Mid North Coast athletes to level up their training and self-care by reaping the benefits of Hoys facilitated services for a value of over $15,000 per year. There are 2 full sponsorships up for grabs for students aged 13 to 18, so follow the link to learn more and lodge an application.

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