Difference Between an Exercise Physiologist & Physiotherapist

November 2020

At Hoys Allied Health & Wellness, clients ask “What’s the difference between a physiotherapist & an exercise physiologist?” So, let’s dive right in!

Here at Hoys Allied Health & Wellness, it’s not too uncommon to be asked, “What’s the difference between a physiotherapist and an exercise physiologist?” So, let’s dive right in!

What do they do? Exercise Physiologists provide effective exercise programs, which are safe and in accordance with your health goals and background. Whereas a Physiotherapist evaluates, assesses and treats individuals in a hands-on manner, for a range of conditions (injuries, mobility concerns, joint or spinal pain, Parkinson’s, arthritis, etc.).

How do they relate? Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists complement one another. That’s why at Hoys we have both! See, after your evaluation, our Physiotherapist may in fact assign to you an exercise prescription, to be carried out by an Exercise Physiologist. It’s all part of offering you a holistic solution for ailments to your health and wellbeing.

Hopefully that helps you understand a little bit more about the significant differences between the two types of professionals. If you feel you’re in need of either one, then contact us via this link.

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